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Extended Care

The Extended Care Program at St. Isidore Catholic School provides professional care, supervision, homework support, and recreation and enrichment activities for the children of working families who desire both Catholic school education and supplementary day care in a Christian environment as an Extended Care Program of the school day. All policies of school apply during the Extended Care Program which is only available to students enrolled at St. Isidore Catholic School for an additional fee.

Hours and Days

The Extended Care Program is available before school from 7:00am to 7:45am and after school from 3:00pm to 6:00pm. The Extended Care Program operates only on regular school days and is not available on holidays, vacations, or in the summer months.

Minimum Days

The Extended Care Program is available on minimum days from 12:00pm to 6:00pm for children enrolled in the program and for drop-in students. Minimum days are included in monthly rates. All children must bring lunches on minimum days as no lunch program is available unless otherwise notified.

Monthly Payment Plan

The monthly payment plan is designed for families who know they will be using the Extended Care Program on a regular basis. Rates are significantly lower than the drop-in rate and require a nine-month contractual commitment. Rates are calculated using 180 academic days, and payments are prorated over nine months, September through May. Credit is not offered for unused days, absences, or on days that the Extended Care Program is closed. Monthly contracts are handled through FACTS. All afternoon rates include before school care.

Emergency Contact Information

We will rely on the names you have listed in your FACTS Family Portal in case of an emergency. Until we become familiar with your family members we will be requiring a photo identification. We will be contacting the parent/guardian if the person picking up your child is not on the list. No child will be released until we have verbal authorization from the parent/guardian.

2024-25 Extension Rates

Monthly contracts are over 10 months rather than 9. Rates posted are annual rates.

Registration Fee

1 child2 children3 children4 children
Registration Fee (covers the cost of materials & supplies for extension program)$80$160$235$320
Part Time (5 hours or less per week + Friday Min. Days)$1,080$1,900$2,850$3,400
Full Time (Mon-Fri 7am-6pm)$2,600$4,195$6,850$8,150

Drop In Rates

If parents choose not to register for Extended Care, they will be billed the drop-in rate of $20 per hour.

Extended Care Program Policies

All policies of school, including the contents of this handbook, apply during the Extended Care Program.

  • Any students on campus before 7:45am or after 3:15pm must use the Extended Care Program.
  • Students are NOT allowed to wait unsupervised off campus before 7:45am or leave school unsupervised at any time to avoid signing in to the Extended Care Program.
  • If a student remains at school after 3:15pm, he or she must be enrolled in the Extended Care Program. The teacher supervising dismissal will escort students not picked up by 3:15pm to the Extended Care Program. Parents will be charged the per student hourly rate if their child is not contracted.
  • If a student has a reason to remain at school, such as tutoring, math lab, sports practice, or another supervised activity, his or her siblings may not remain at school after 3:15pm unless they are enrolled in the Extended Care Program.
  • When students will be attending the Extended Care Program after these supervised activities, parents MUST inform the Extended Care Program Director via the office before attending the activities. The program is limited to those students who attend St. Isidore Catholic School.
  • All children must be signed in and out by a parent or authorized adult each time they use the Extended Care Program (except those who are contracted after school or who are not picked up after school). Children will be released to authorized adults only (those listed on the emergency form).
  • Every student attending the Extended Care Program must have the signature of a parent, guardian, or authorized person(s) on file to sign the student out. Any changes must be in writing, signed, and dated. NO EXCEPTIONS! Emergency cards MUST be kept current.
  • The Extended Care Program staff is instructed to ask for picture identification from any parent or adult they do not recognize. For the protection of all the children, these rules are strictly enforced.
  • Parents must not take children from the playground or other areas without notifying the Extended Care Program staff and signing out the children.
  • Students who attend the Extended Care Program after school must check in immediately after school (or 12:15pm/2:15 on minimum days). Students arriving late are required to have a written excuse from their classroom teachers.
  • The Extended Care Program must be notified by 3:00pm on the day that a student will be attending the Extended Care Program. In accordance with Diocesan Policy, students must either be signed into Extended Care Program or checked into an approved school activity. Students may not remain unsupervised on campus.
  • If an emergency arises, and someone not listed on the emergency form needs to pick up a child, the Extended Care Program staff require written or verbal permission from the parents. Upon arrival, the individual will be asked to show picture identification.
  • Time is based on the Extended Care Program Program’s clock. After 6:00pm, parents will be charged a late fee of $2.00 per minute. Parents are asked to pay this fee before their child re-enters the program the next day. After three instances of late pickup after 6:00 pm, parents must meet with the Director and develop a plan for pickup.
  • School personnel will not release a child to any adult who appears incapable of providing safe conduct or when the child demonstrates anxiety or fear in being released to the adult. In such an instance, school personnel will call others on the approved list to come to pick up the child; law enforcement may be called.