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1st - 8th Grade

St. Isidore Students Out-perform Area Schools!

We have great news to share! Our standardized STAR testing shows strong academic growth for students at St. Isidore Catholic School! In fact, a higher percentage of our students are meeting or exceeding State education standards than some of the best local schools and school districts. Across the country, Catholic elementary school students continued to learn at a higher rate than other schools, even during the COVID shutdown. These graphs show the percentage of students who are proficient in Math and English Language Arts.

Curriculum Details

Classical Education Curriculum Guide

St. Isidore Catholic School embraces the vision of a Catholic educational philosophy. Christian values and traditions of the Catholic faith are integrated into the curriculum and all teaching/learning situations, within and beyond the classroom.

Guidelines for the curriculum at St. Isidore Catholic School are developed and implemented in cooperation with the Catholic School Department of the Diocese of Sacramento. The curriculum is carefully coordinated through all grade levels. Teachers and school administration review and evaluate textbooks cyclically and sequentially according to specified curriculum areas to insure that Diocesan standards are met. In math and language arts, the school has adopted the California State Common Core Curriculum Standards; in science, next-generation science standards have been adopted. All other subjects will remain aligned to the California State Standards and Diocesan Religion standards. Further specifics regarding the curriculum can be provided by the principal.