Service Hours

  • As a part of the admissions requirements, each family has agreed to fulfill 40 hours of service time each school year at St. Isidore Catholic School. It is each family’s responsibility to turn in their hours to the office written on the form found in the office.

  • 20 hours of the minimum requirement must be earned by PHYSICAL participation in one or more Parents' Club fundraising events.

  • 20 hours will be GENERAL HOURS. The following are examples of work that may be counted towards.


    • Attending Parents' Club General meetings
    • Working on school projects at school; driving for field trips
    • Working on school projects at home or in the classroom
    • Working in the school's sports program or Student Council activities
    • Donations to the school or to Parents' Club fundraisers
    • Babysitting for another parent permitting them to work at school
  • REQUIRED obligations at COMMUNITY CARNIVAL held in the Spring:

    • Baking 2 cakes (2 General Hours for 2 cakes).
    • Work one shift in each of child’s class booth(s).
    • Work a shift for the Parents' Club portion of the Carnival.


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