Faculty and Staff

Administrative Staff

Father Avram Brown Pastor 673-1573
Mrs. Susan Burky Principal sburky@stisidoreschool.org
Mr. Dave Benny Vice Principal dbenny@stisidoreschool.org
Tracy Blankenship Admin Assistant tblankenship@stisidoreschool.org
Mrs. Terri Wanless Extension Director twanless@stisidoreschool.org
Mrs. Sara Baggett Transitional Kindergarten sbaggett@stisidoreschool.org
Mrs. Connie Freitas Kindergarten cfreitas@stisidoreschool.org
Mrs. Nichole Calderon 1st Grade ncalderon@stisidoreschool.org
Mrs. Carmen Hogg 2nd Grade chogg@stisidoreschool.org
Mrs. Simone Smith 3rd Grade
Miss Heather Sipsy 4th Grade hsipsy@stisidoreschool.org
Mrs. Nichole DePaschalis Junior High Science ndpaschalis@stisidoreschool.org
Mr. Steven Sparks Jr. High History
7th Gr. Homeroom
5th and 6th Language Arts
Mr. Dave Benny Jr. High Math
6th Gr. Homeroom
Mr. Clayton Baumgartner Jr. High Religion
8th Gr. Homeroom
8th Gr. Language Arts
Mr. Reginald Kumar 5th Gr. Homeroom
5-8th Gr. P.E.
Jr. High Technology
Mrs. Yvette Corona Aide ycorona@stisidoreschool.org


Mrs. Amy Allsup Director and Frog class teacher aallsup@stisidoreschool.org
Miss Valerie Peterson Frog Class Teacher vpeterson@stisidoreschool.org
Mrs. Sheri Holihan Owl Class sholihan@stisidoreschool.org
Mrs. Martha Flores Busy Bugs mflores@stisidoreschool.org


Mrs. Terri Wanless Director twanless@stisidoreschool.org
Mrs. Ruth Pendilla Assistant
Mrs. Barbara Jupina Assistant