Tuition rate for Parishioners

1 child in school

$4,652 per year

2 children in school

$7,351 per year

3 children in school

$9,199 per year

Parishioners are those who are registered Catholic members of St. Isidore Parish, attend Mass regularly, are active in the parish community life, and contribute financially to the parish. This status will be assessed regularly by the school and the parish staff. Failure to meet these criteria will result in the assignment of non-parishioner status and the assessment of the non-parishioner tuition rate. Those belonging to a neighboring parish must provide a letter from their pastor stating they are active members of the Church.

Tuition rate for non-parishioners

1 child in school

$5,279 per year

2 children in school

$8,734 per year

3 children in school

$11,512 per year

Other Fees

Athletic Fees

There is a nonrefundable $40 fee per student for participation in first sport played; additional after-school sports will cost $20 each. Fees will be collected at the time Athletic Agreements are returned. All sport uniforms are the property of the school and must be returned or replaced at the end of the season. Detention and/or tutoring time must be served prior to sports practice or game. Tuition must be current in order to play.

Field Trips

Most classes plan one to two field trips during the school year. Cost for any field trip is the sole responsibility of the parent. Collection of funds for field trips will be billed through FACTS
If the parent experiences a hardship paying for the field trip and want their student to attend, they must contact the classroom teacher in a timely manner.

Tuition Collection

Tuition is managed exclusively via the FACTS Management Company. Parents may select one of the following options:

If an account is in arrears for more than two months, a student may be excluded from class until the account is brought current. For special circumstances, arrangements must be made with the pastor and principal. All monies owed to the school must be paid before a student can enroll for the following year.

Financial Aid

FACTS Management Company manages all applications for financial aid. Applications must be completed by May 1, 2019. Financial aid is only available for Catholic families registered at St. Isidore Parish or parishioners of our neighboring parishes who have a letter from their pastor. Awards for assistance will be determined by a committee of non-parents.

Cost of Education

Tuition and fees do not cover the actual cost of educating a child at St. Isidore Catholic School. Families whose financial situation enables them to pay the actual cost of education are encouraged to do so. Any amount paid above the stated tuition fee is a donation to St. Isidore Catholic School.